Thursday, May 18, 2006

Immigration: Mother consigned to certain death by harsh new rules

Maxine Frith in the independent

"When Ese Elizabeth Alabi fell ill while on a trip to Britain and was told she urgently needed a heart transplant, she comforted herself with the knowledge that she was in a democratic country with an excellent healthcare system.

Instead, she was consigned to a certain death by draconian new rules brought in to quell the hysteria over so-called health tourism and immigration.

Ms Alabi was denied the chance of a heart transplant simply on the grounds of her nationality and died in hospital on Monday night at the age of 29, leaving three-month-old twin boys and a two-year-old son. Desperate attempts to get a High Court judge to overturn the rules were delayed as Ms Alabi was forced to fight a deportation battle even as she lay dying in hospital. (read entire article)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lynching Resolution Rejected in Waco

On yahoo news

WACO, Texas - A resolution denouncing lynchings in the 1800s and early 1900s was rejected Tuesday by county commissioners, while the City Council agreed to try to draft a document both bodies can accept.

McLennan County commissioners decided against adopting a community group's measure apologizing for the lynchings by a 4-to-1 vote, but then said they would work on a resolution all could accept. [...]

At least two county commissioners had said they opposed an apology because the lynchings happened before current leaders and residents were born. But they also said the victims should not be forgotten. (read entire article)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Captain of Duke's Lacrosse Team Is Indicted

By SHAILA DEWAN in New York Times

"A grand jury returned an indictment today against a third lacrosse player in the rape case that has raised racial and class tensions between elite Duke University and its hometown.

Dave Forker Evans, a team captain who lived in the house where a black woman says she was sexually assaulted by three white players during a party in March, was charged with rape, first-degree sexual offense and kidnapping. Mr. Evans, who is from Washington, D.C., was indicted on the same charges as two of his fellow teammates, Reade Seligmann, 20, of Essex Fells, N.J., and Collin Finnerty, 19, of Garden City, N.Y., who surrendered on April more