Thursday, February 23, 2006

Who Was Left Behind Then? Who is Being Left Behind Now?

Six Months After Katrina, BILL QUIGLEY in counterpunch

"There is not a sign outside of New Orleans saying "If you are poor, sick, elderly, disabled, children or African-American, you cannot return." But there might as well be.

The people left behind in the evacuation of New Orleans after Katrina are the same people left behind in rebuilding of New Orleans--the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, and children, mostly African-American." (more)

Katrina Round up

From lenin's tomb "Katrina: the crime continues" Thousands of evictions, most of the displaced still not returned. No recourse for those without trailers or cash. (more)

From lecolonelchabert Ocean's 20: The Katrina Kaper (more)

New Orleans' Uninsured Get Primitive Car


"In the same concrete structure where thousands of fleeing families waited in vain for food and water, they now wait for medical care, dispensed by a skeletal staff of doctors working out of a collection of military tents.

Inside their plastic and canvas walls, the doctors can only offer the most rudimentary care: They can X-ray bones, but not set them. They can draw blood and diagnose an ailment, but not treat it beyond prescribing pills. And with no ER and no capacity to operate, they can't do much more than stabilize trauma patients before sending them by ambulance elsewhere, often far away.

These tents are all that remain of Charity Hospital, the 270-year-old institution which for generations was the medical epicenter of the city's uninsured. (more)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Close Guantanamo.

Impeach Bush.

Reject the "global war."