Wednesday, March 22, 2006


From truthout Katrina Survivors: Don't Abandon Us: A Film by Chris Hume video

From NY Times "Evacuees' Lives Still Upended Seven Months After Hurricane" read more

Bruce Dixon in black commentator "Walkin' to New Orleans: Uphold the Right to Return, Rebuild and Remain Progressive forces in motion":

"The man-made tragedies of the Gulf Coast and its mother city New Orleans are never far from our thoughts these days. The eyes of black America, though half blinded by the lack of mainstream news coverage, remain fixed on the unfolding spectacles of profiteering, privatization and ethnic cleansing.

The wholesale displacement of black New Orleans seems to have been in the cards from the first hours following mass evacuation. The week after the hurricane this reporter made it down to Baton Rouge. I interviewed dozens of evacuees from New Orleans, Jefferson and Metarie in the big Red Cross shelters at Southern University, the convention center and elsewhere. I talked to local pastors, volunteers and business people who shared their churches, homes and resources with evacuees, and spent hours with Red Cross staffers running the big evacuee centers. It was immediately clear that the Red Cross was spending the generous donations of thousands of business people and millions of individual Americans on relocating as many New Orleans residents outside the Gulf Coast region as quickly as possible." read more


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