Friday, March 17, 2006

From Icite: "Racism, seriously?"

JDean over at I Cite writes:

Is it possible that elements of mainstream media are trying to carry out a serious conversation about race? Is that what the Crash oscar was about? I'm not sure. But I saw about half of a new show on F/X last night, Black/White that presents itself as an effort in this direction.

The premise: a black family and a white family swap places (thanks to the special effects magic of F/X). Last night's episode: the families first meet each other and give each other advice for passing. Well, not quite. The black family points out that they have long had to get along with white people so they don't coaching. And, the white daughter is rightly anxious about the way that this whole passing thing might require instantiating precisely the stereotypes the show is supposed to contest. read more

Jodi has started a conversation on "black.white." I'm glad. I'm not up to it yet.


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