Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shoot First, Talk Much, Much Later - opinionator

In NY Times It’s not every day the vice president shoots a man and then decides not to tell the public about it for almost 24 hours. Simple accident or symbol of a White House culture of secrecy? Count the Washington Post editorial page among those in the latter camp: “Saturday’s incident required immediate public disclosure — a fact so elementary that the failure to act properly is truly disturbing in its implications.” On the Post’s op-ed page, columnist Eugene Robinson sees Cheney’s hunting accident as a metaphor for the Bush administration’s foreign policy as well: “The man is out of control. Then again, out-of-control is the way this whole administration operates: Ready, fire, aim. Global war on terrorism, global war on poultry, what’s the difference? You see something moving, shoot it.” (The Times editorial page says the White House “once again demonstrated that it would rather look inept than open.”) (more)


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