Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Pip at sea: loneliness, blackness"

Tom Dumm's article in Massachusetts Review 46, 3 (Fall 2005) via I cite. Jodi writes:

"A fantastic article from my friend Tom Dumm in Massachusetts Review 46, 3 (Fall 2005). I'll blow the ending: he argues that Ishmael is Pip. Tom reads Moby Dick in part out of his interest in loneliness. He writes: "To be lonely in America is to be black, and brilliant, constantly in danger of being bought and sold, rooted in the deepest genealogy of power and loss, and secret witness to a catastrophe that only deepens over time." More of Dumm's article Who Is Ishmael?


At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Jodi said...

Thanks for linking to this. Tom's article is beautifully written and argued. We were on a panel together at APSA (american pol sci association) annual meeting where he gave it. It was clearly the high point of the panel--lots of folks (including Cornel West and other luminaries) coming in late just for this. The way the article is written, it seems so obvious: how come no one has said this before. And then the answer becomes also so obvious: because of the unimaginability of black narration, authority, or authorizing voice.


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