Sunday, January 08, 2006

Facing Starvation

Kenya: 2.5m people
Somalia: 2m
Ethiopia: 1m
Djibouti: 150,000
Source: FAO
(From BBC News) "The Kenyan government has said it will buy up all the country's available maize stocks to feed those in the drought-stricken north-east.
Describing the situation as "very severe", it said it would put aside $14m (£7.9m) to purchase the maize.

Kenya says its main priority is to feed the 2.5 million people at immediate risk, almost 10% of the population.

The United Nations food agency has warned that 11 million people across the Horn of Africa need food aid.

The Kenyan government has said conditions in the north-eastern provinces are a national disaster, with 2.5 million people expected to need aid to survive beyond the end of February." (more)


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