Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Now with Bill Moyers September 2002

Here is a link to the show that Bill Moyers did 3 years ago on NOW. He talks about "A natural disaster in America that could dwarf any we've ever experienced."

Yet Bush and the administration and the FEMA chief maintain that this was something "Nobody expected." (Like those planes that nobody expected to fly into the twin towers despite an August 6, 2001 memo.)

Here's the link to the full transcipt Now Transcript.

"WALTER MAESTRI: It's going to look like a massive shipwreck. There's going to be-- there's going to be, you know-- everything that that the water has carried in is going to be there. Alligators, moccasins, you know every kind of rodent that you could think of.

All of your sewage treatment plants are under water. And of course the material is flowing free in the community. Disease becomes a distinct possibility now. The petrochemicals that are produced all up and down the Mississippi River --much of that has floated into this bowl. I mean this has become, you know, the biggest toxic waste dump in the world now. Is the city of New Orleans because of what has happened." ...


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