Monday, September 05, 2005

short memories and an incredible tolerance for black suffering

We (KGH, SC and I) say it all the time. White people in the US don't/can't really see black pain; and not only white people. And when they do, are forced to, how to account for the enjoyment? The focus on "looters" and the talk of law and order turning pain and suffering into sport?

And then I heard Jesse Jackson say, in an interview with Anderson Cooper, "We have an amazing tolerance for black pain and for too long after our slave ships landed in New Orleans, you know, we tolerated in the name of God slavery for 246 years (INAUDIBLE) for another 100 years. We have great tolerance for black suffering and black marginalization." AND " Today I saw 5,000 African Americans on the I-10 causeway desperate, perishing, dehydrated, babies dying. It looked like Africans in the hull of a slave ship. It was so ugly and so obvious."

Yes. It is obvious and ugly and intentional. 20,000 plus mostly black people packed into the superdome. Thousands more in the convention centre. Everyone talking about the conditions, stench and death, people going mad trying to escape, violence, babies dying, elderly people dying, no food, no water. But most of all the stench of life and death. You know, they say the stench from the slave ships could be smelled long before you saw the ship. It's what let the traders, those obscene dealers in human beings, those businessmen, know the "slaver" was coming.


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