Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blogging and Social Justice PT#

From woman of color blog

"I think that our dialoguing has begun to uncover some major points about women of color, the internet and using the internet as a tool for social justice work.

First, we all agree that women of color are treated much differently and have much different representations of ourselves on the internet than other communities do. These representations have not been countered on a meaningful level with equally powerful images of power, strength, and wholeness. For example, while white women may also have to deal with male online fantasies of extreme sexual fetishes, they, on the other hand, also have to a certain amount of control and power over alternative and very popular online images of themselves, for example, BitchPhd. Women of color, on the whole, have no existing similar space that we control, run, and create by our own standards." (more)


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