Sunday, November 06, 2005

Revolt in Paris

"Revolt in Paris"

Matt Reichel writes: The mainstream press has been telling Europeans that "riots" have broken out in the Parisian suburbs (Banlieu) of Paris this week. In calling them "riots", the popular imagination likens them to fires and other sorts of largely uncontrollable disasters. It's as if the French are merely being faced with an outbreak of civil unrest, and that someone from the ranks of the government will most assuredly figure out how to weather the storm within the coming days.

These aren't "riots". This is social rebellion, directed at decades of French imperial rule, and ultra-capitalist and racist policymaking at home. After the "decolonization" process finished in Africa (oddly leaving the former colonies entirely dependent on the Banque de France for their monetary policymaking and at the whim of French military decision-making), the colonized were supposed to be offered life in France as a sort of reparation for the destruction that went along with the imperial era. This, predictably, has turned out to be nothing more than a bone that the French have thrown at their dependents to try to keep them quiet. The idea is this: give them cheap, shitty housing away from the beautiful Metropole of Paris, give them minimum wage paying work, and hope that they shut up.

Obviously, "they" haven't shut up.


At 4:43 PM, Blogger Jack Fuller said...


I´ve just copied Your post to a post of mine that is related to this:

I hope that is alright with You...

I just want to figure out what´s going on...
and what people from around the world talk about it...



At 4:55 PM, Blogger hysterical blackness said...

Hi Jack, I just looked at your blog and the posts about the violence in France. We're making the same connection with the verdict in the Rodney King beating trial.

Thanks for reading and linking.


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