Thursday, October 06, 2005

Please stop fetishising integration. Equality is what we really need.

From The Guardian. Gary Younge writes, "Where race is concerned there are, it seems, some words that just don't go together. No matter how many young drunken white men beat each other up over the weekend, there is no such thing as white-on-white crime. No matter how many non-white people flee inner-city neighbourhoods for better schools and services, there is no such thing as "black flight". And no matter how bitter their ethnic divides, white people never engage in "tribal conflict"." ... Read more: Equality is what we really need.


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Malcolm E. Hill said...

If one added an (r) after the name of Mr. Younge(r) he would be appropriately named. Idealism comes with youth. In truth, the only idealist is the cynic. What Mr. Younge writes has been written a thousand times before and a thousand times after. What is not thought about, and accepted, is there is no such thing as "equality." What Mr. Younge would be most disposed to think about is the power which derives from power. That is, the right to define. Those in power define and the weak are defined. The weak accept the definition foisted upon them by the definers and play out their agression fighting against the definition. Case in point, "What is an insurgent?" The group in power, with its military might, defines "who is" and treats them as they choose. I say learn the ways of "groups in power" and cease the acceptance of their use of power. I assert the greatest benefit derived from power is the power to define. This should be the lesson learned.


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