Saturday, September 17, 2005


I was surprised by this. It's so blatant. That what makes this headline okay in its racist punning is the persistence of the term in contemporary usage and the reassertion of English superiority.

Bowling a chinaman takes on whole new meaning

Jonathan Watts in Beijing
Saturday September 17, 2005
The Guardian

England may be seeing the biggest cricket boom in more than a century, but on the other side of the world yesterday a group of 30 novices took part in what may prove to be a more historic event: an attempt to spread the art of willow and leather among schools and universities in China.

The Asian Cricket Council has organised a six-day workshop for PE teachers in Beijing, conducted by professionals from Australia including John Harmer, the former coach of the England women's team. read more.

From an earlier Telegraph article that generated a number of letters to the editor, "Mention a "Chinaman" to cricketers and he understands it to mean a deceptive delivery from a left-arm spinner." read more.


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